Party Window

This game was inspired by a friends account of a party happening in the flat opposite his, with his housemate dancing along with the revellers across the road.

We started with the idea of representing a building and it’s windows with a grid of dice. The level of partying is represented by the dice.

6 = crazy party

1 = gone to bed

One player does their best to stop the partying, they need to be up early tomorrow! The other does their best to spread the party across all the windows.

Mechanic: roll three dice in front of you. You can then swap one of these with a ‘window dice’ of a value one above or one below it’s current value. Re-roll your three dice at any time and keep trying.

Once you’ve reached a one or a six that dice is LOCKED… the party continues at that level and is unstoppable or the flat have all gone to bed.

Once all the dice are 6s or 1s the game is over. Stop and count up to see who’s won.

Tie-breaker dice! In the middle is a tie breaker dice. After the game is over, the first player to grab this gets a bonus point!

Party on!